Feiss Lighting

    Feiss (formerly Murray Feiss) has been the foremost American designer of fine lighting for over 50 years. Feiss lighting products range from lamps to bathroom lights. Whether your desire is to create a dramatic entry with a dazzling chandelier, a warm environment for your dining room, living room, family room or bedrooms, or bright airy freshness to your kitchen or bath, Feiss lighting has a collection for you. As the exclusive manufacturer for Bob Mackie Home Designs, Feiss has delivered on the promise of exquisite taste in design and has backed it with the stellar service. So, you may know them as Murray Feiss Lighting, but today they’re simply Feiss.

    Kalco Lighting

    From traditional to contemporary and every style in between, Kalco designs lighting fixtures that will complement any environment. Our design teams carefully design and craft each product, incorporating rich details. Unique materials and accents, such as crystal, stone, leather and shell, create the perfect finishing touch.

    Bathroom Accessories


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    1. Soap Lotion Dispenser BA1509PW

      Soap Lotion Dispenser BA1509PW

      Pewter Bath BA1509PW Learn More
      $81.00 Save $40.50! Regularly $121.50

    2. Tumbler BA1508PW

      Tumbler BA1508PW

      Pewter Bath BA1508PW Learn More
      $53.00 Save $26.50! Regularly $79.50

    3. Towel Bar BA1500PW

      Towel Bar BA1500PW

      Pewter Bath BA1500PW Learn More
      $94.00 Save $47.00! Regularly $141.00

    4. Tissue basket BA1510PW

      Tissue basket BA1510PW

      Pewter Bath BA1510PW Learn More
      $49.00 Save $24.50! Regularly $73.50

    5. Soap Dish BA1507PW

      Soap Dish BA1507PW

      Pewter Bath BA1507PW Learn More
      $56.00 Save $28.00! Regularly $84.00

      Out of stock

    6. Towel Bar BA1000PW

      Towel Bar BA1000PW

      Pewter Bath BA1000PW Learn More
      $109.00 Save $54.50! Regularly $163.50

    7. Towel Ring BA1003CH

      Towel Ring BA1003CH

      Chrome Bath BA1003CH Learn More
      $62.00 Save $31.00! Regularly $93.00

      Out of stock

    8. Shelf BA2006PBR

      Shelf BA2006PBR

      Peruvian Bronze Bath BA2006PBR Learn More
      $88.00 Save $44.00! Regularly $132.00

      Out of stock


    8 Item(s)

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