Maxim Lighting

    From the hearts and souls of two brothers convinced that family matters above all else, emerged Maxim Lighting, a unique company founded on the values and principles passed down to them for generations—wise, compassionate leadership; respect at all levels; support and collaboration; a strong work ethic; and earned loyalty. Maxim Lighting functions as a closely knit family, committed to understanding and meeting the needs of each member. This simple but powerful philosophy propelled Maxim Lighting to the top of the lighting industry and continues to set the company and its people apart from the status quo.

    Feiss Lighting

    Feiss (formerly Murray Feiss) has been the foremost American designer of fine lighting for over 50 years. Feiss lighting products range from lamps to bathroom lights. Whether your desire is to create a dramatic entry with a dazzling chandelier, a warm environment for your dining room, living room, family room or bedrooms, or bright airy freshness to your kitchen or bath, Feiss lighting has a collection for you. As the exclusive manufacturer for Bob Mackie Home Designs, Feiss has delivered on the promise of exquisite taste in design and has backed it with the stellar service. So, you may know them as Murray Feiss Lighting, but today they’re simply Feiss.


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    1. Malaga EE 5-Light Chandelier 82698MRSN

      Malaga EE 5-Light Chandelier 82698MRSN

      The energy saving Malaga EE collection is finished in choice of Satin Nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze completed with Marble glass. Fixtures include energy efficient, long lasting and low maintenance compact fluorescent bulbs, with select fixtures being Energy Star certified. Learn More
      $79.25 Save $217.75! Regularly $297.00

    2. 1 - Light Mini Pendant P1264BS

      1 - Light Mini Pendant P1264BS

      1 Bulb Brushed Steel Pendant P1264BS Learn More
      $66.00 Save $33.00! Regularly $99.00

    3. 1- Light Pendant P1252DBZ

      1- Light Pendant P1252DBZ

      1 Bulb Dark Bronze Chandelier P1252DBZ Learn More
      $76.00 Save $38.00! Regularly $114.00

    4. 1- Light Mini Chandelier F1879/1BRB

      1- Light Mini Chandelier F1879/1BRB

      1 Bulb British Bronze Chandelier F1879/1BRB Learn More
      $224.00 Save $112.00! Regularly $336.00

    5. 3- Light Chandelier F2720/3BS

      3- Light Chandelier F2720/3BS

      3 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2720/3BS Learn More
      $279.00 Save $139.50! Regularly $418.50

    6. 3 - Light Semi-Flush SF311RI

      3 - Light Semi-Flush SF311RI

      3 Bulb Rustic Iron Semi-Flush Fixture SF311RI Learn More
      $740.00 Save $370.00! Regularly $1,110.00

    7. 9- Light Chandelier F2729/6+3BS

      9- Light Chandelier F2729/6+3BS

      9 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2729/6+3BS Learn More
      $559.00 Save $279.50! Regularly $838.50

    8. 3 - Light Large Pendant F2793/3BUS

      3 - Light Large Pendant F2793/3BUS

      3 Bulb Burnished Silver Chandelier F2793/3BUS Learn More
      $450.00 Save $225.00! Regularly $675.00

    9. 4- Light Indoor P1181OBZ

      4- Light Indoor P1181OBZ

      4 Bulb Oxidized Bronze Pendant P1181OBZ Learn More
      $620.00 Save $310.00! Regularly $930.00

    10. 2- Light Indoor Flush Mount FM313BS

      2- Light Indoor Flush Mount FM313BS

      2 Bulb Brushed Steel Flushmount FM313BS Learn More
      $196.00 Save $98.00! Regularly $294.00


    2282 Item(s)

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