Elk Lighting

    ELK Group International is a premier designer and importer of indoor and outdoor residential, designer and commercial lighting fixtures, decorative accessories and furniture. An award winning team of international designers and engineers ensure that each product is created with uncompromising detail and unparalleled design. The company founded in 1983 distributes over 5,000 products under ELK Lighting, Landmark Lighting, Sterling Industries, Baldinger, Dimond Lighting, Artistic Lighting, HGTV Home, Trump Home, Historic Royal Palaces, Biltmore Estates, and Mary Kate and Ashley brands.

    Hubbardton Forge

    Time-honored, made in the USA principles are built into every Hubbardton Forge design. Each piece is hand-forged one at a time by our team of skilled artisans at our forge in Castleton, Vermont. Since the company began in 1974, we have been re-exploring the ancient art of metal sculpting, creating lighting and accessories of grace and simplicity. Our design and manufacturing process is a collaboration of designers, engineers and craftspeople. Every curve, taper, and twist in the metal carries with it the distinctive marks of honest hand-crafting. When you own a Hubbardton Forge pendant, lamp, chandelier or sconce, you own a piece of Vermont-made art of enduring value. All Hubbardton Forge products have a lifetime warranty.



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    1. Mobius Floor Lamp 234505-03-CTO

      Mobius Floor Lamp 234505-03-CTO

      $1,224.00 Save $476.00! Regularly $1,700.00

    2. Metra Table Lamp 269413C-07-303

      Metra Table Lamp 269413C-07-303

      $423.00 Save $164.50! Regularly $587.50

    3. Gallery Table Lamp 272820C-05-585

      Gallery Table Lamp 272820C-05-585

      $585.00 Save $227.50! Regularly $812.50

    4. Poised Arc Table Lamp 272680C-08-CTO

      Poised Arc Table Lamp 272680C-08-CTO

      $342.00 Save $133.00! Regularly $475.00

    5. Almost Infinity Table Lamp 272686-08-735

      Almost Infinity Table Lamp 272686-08-735

      $549.00 Save $213.50! Regularly $762.50

    6. Facet Table Lamp 272850C-08-713

      Facet Table Lamp 272850C-08-713

      $468.00 Save $182.00! Regularly $650.00

    7. Folio Table Lamp 272920C-07-712

      Folio Table Lamp 272920C-07-712

      $567.00 Save $220.50! Regularly $787.50

    8. Leaf Table Lamp 266760-08-322

      Leaf Table Lamp 266760-08-322

      $450.00 Save $175.00! Regularly $625.00

    9. Gallery Table Lamp 273050C-08-365

      Gallery Table Lamp 273050C-08-365

      $693.00 Save $269.50! Regularly $962.50

    10. Gallery Table Lamp 273030C-03-423

      Gallery Table Lamp 273030C-03-423

      $657.00 Save $255.50! Regularly $912.50


    6036 Item(s)

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