Mirror Masters

    Mirror Masters is redefining the home furnishing and hospitality industry with innovative designs of decorative mirrors to create a true reflection of style. Featuring a large selection of quality mirror styles and price points, Mirror Masters is proud to support many of the most prestigious home furnishing retailers in North America, as well as many top hospitality projects globally.

    Cornerstone by Elk Lighting

    The Cornerstone brand is based on a core group of exclusive new products specifically targeting the mid market buyer as well as the construction professional with the goal of having an affordable whole house option to meet a variety of tastes. To achieve this, Cornerstone designers developed the fixtures to coordinate among the collections while also being distinctive in their own right. To do this we offer a limited number of finish options with standardized glass creating the ability to mix and match between collections, providing the buyer with greater options and flexibility.

    Outdoor Lights


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    1. Coach Lantern Large 8603EW/60

      Coach Lantern Large 8603EW/60

      $171.00 Save $114.00! Regularly $285.00

    2. Hanging Lantern large 8603EH/85

      Hanging Lantern large 8603EH/85

      $153.00 Save $102.00! Regularly $255.00

    3. Pendant Lantern Small 8301EP/65

      Pendant Lantern Small 8301EP/65

      $70.20 Save $46.80! Regularly $117.00

    4. Coach Lantern Small 8401EW/65

      Coach Lantern Small 8401EW/65

      $70.20 Save $46.80! Regularly $117.00

    5. Post Lantern Large 8603EP/60

      Post Lantern Large 8603EP/60

      $153.00 Save $102.00! Regularly $255.00

    6. Coach Lantern Small 8501EW/70

      Coach Lantern Small 8501EW/70

      $70.20 Save $46.80! Regularly $117.00

    7. Flush Mount 9102EF/80

      Flush Mount 9102EF/80

      $32.40 Save $21.60! Regularly $54.00

    8. Post Lantern Large 8603EP/75

      Post Lantern Large 8603EP/75

      $153.00 Save $102.00! Regularly $255.00

    9. Flush Mount 9002EF/65

      Flush Mount 9002EF/65

      $39.60 Save $26.40! Regularly $66.00

    10. Coach Lantern Small 8201EW/70

      Coach Lantern Small 8201EW/70

      $70.20 Save $46.80! Regularly $117.00


    70 Item(s)

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