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    Progress Lighting is the largest single source for residential and commercial lighting. For over 100 years, Progress Lighting has been committed to providing a diverse selection of high quality lighting fixtures - earning us the reputation as the number one decorative lighting line among Builders and Remodelers. We understand what it takes to be a leader...offering products that deliver aesthetic appeal, stellar performance, easy installation and good value.

    Hubbardton Forge

    Time-honored, made in the USA principles are built into every Hubbardton Forge design. Each piece is hand-forged one at a time by our team of skilled artisans at our forge in Castleton, Vermont. Since the company began in 1974, we have been re-exploring the ancient art of metal sculpting, creating lighting and accessories of grace and simplicity. Our design and manufacturing process is a collaboration of designers, engineers and craftspeople. Every curve, taper, and twist in the metal carries with it the distinctive marks of honest hand-crafting. When you own a Hubbardton Forge pendant, lamp, chandelier or sconce, you own a piece of Vermont-made art of enduring value. All Hubbardton Forge products have a lifetime warranty.

    Outdoor Lights


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    1. Banded Outdoor 305994-20-G37

      Banded Outdoor 305994-20-G37

      Outdoor sconces with glass options: Banded aluminum with top plates. Learn More
      $532.00 Save $133.00! Regularly $665.00

    2. Banded Outdoor 305892-07-ZX66

      Banded Outdoor 305892-07-ZX66

      $252.00 Save $63.00! Regularly $315.00

    3. Vertical Bar Outdoor 307286-10-ZW34

      Vertical Bar Outdoor 307286-10-ZW34

      $468.00 Save $117.00! Regularly $585.00

    4. Vertical Panels Outdoor 307254-05-B415

      Vertical Panels Outdoor 307254-05-B415

      $638.00 Save $159.50! Regularly $797.50

    5. Banded Outdoor 365892-05-ZX78

      Banded Outdoor 365892-05-ZX78

      $672.00 Save $168.00! Regularly $840.00

    6. Modern Prairie Outdoor 305705-08-G367

      Modern Prairie Outdoor 305705-08-G367

      $376.00 Save $94.00! Regularly $470.00

    7. Tourou Outdoor 306003-20-H77

      Tourou Outdoor 306003-20-H77

      $984.00 Save $246.00! Regularly $1,230.00

    8. Banded Outdoor 365894-08-H148

      Banded Outdoor 365894-08-H148

      $1,894.00 Save $473.50! Regularly $2,367.50

    9. Beacon Hall Outdoor 304815F-03-ZV295

      Beacon Hall Outdoor 304815F-03-ZV295

      $624.00 Save $156.00! Regularly $780.00

    10. Beacon Hall Outdoor 344820F-05-ZY287

      Beacon Hall Outdoor 344820F-05-ZY287

      $982.00 Save $245.50! Regularly $1,227.50


    3751 Item(s)

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