Cornerstone by Elk Lighting

    The Cornerstone brand is based on a core group of exclusive new products specifically targeting the mid market buyer as well as the construction professional with the goal of having an affordable whole house option to meet a variety of tastes. To achieve this, Cornerstone designers developed the fixtures to coordinate among the collections while also being distinctive in their own right. To do this we offer a limited number of finish options with standardized glass creating the ability to mix and match between collections, providing the buyer with greater options and flexibility.

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    1. White Fan with White Blades 5000FC/40

      White Fan with White Blades 5000FC/40

      $106.20 Save $70.80! Regularly $177.00

    2. Oil Rubbed Bronze Fan with Dark Maple Blades 5000FC/10

      Oil Rubbed Bronze Fan with Dark Maple Blades 5000FC/10

      $106.20 Save $70.80! Regularly $177.00

    3. 2L ceiling lamp 7002FM/10

      2L ceiling lamp 7002FM/10

      $25.20 Save $16.80! Regularly $42.00

    4. 5 Light Chandelier 1705CH/10

      5 Light Chandelier 1705CH/10

      The Mosaic Glass on this collection gives it a fantastic look. The finish is Oil Rubbed Bronze. It has a very clean and transitional feel with hints of old world influence. This Five Light Chandelier is a beautiful addition to any home. Learn More
      $358.20 Save $238.80! Regularly $597.00

    5. 4 light bathbar 5504BB/20

      4 light bathbar 5504BB/20

      $135.00 Save $90.00! Regularly $225.00

    6. 3 Light Chandelier 1803CH/12

      3 Light Chandelier 1803CH/12

      $178.20 Save $118.80! Regularly $297.00

    7. Coach Lantern Large 8603EW/60

      Coach Lantern Large 8603EW/60

      $171.00 Save $114.00! Regularly $285.00

    8. Hanging Lantern large 8603EH/85

      Hanging Lantern large 8603EH/85

      $153.00 Save $102.00! Regularly $255.00

    9. 3L ceiling lamp 7003FM/40

      3L ceiling lamp 7003FM/40

      $36.00 Save $24.00! Regularly $60.00

    10. Pendant Lantern Small 8301EP/65

      Pendant Lantern Small 8301EP/65

      $70.20 Save $46.80! Regularly $117.00


    244 Item(s)

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