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    The Cyan Design decorative lighting collection features an array of fixtures available in an eclectic mix of styles, including classical lighting, modern design, Old World fixtures, transitional lighting and more; with a large assortment of the fixtures bearing the distinguished marks of contemporary European design. Cyan Design also scoured the globe to source affordable, handcrafted lighting from the world's most talented lighting artisans. And many of the materials include crystal, alabaster and Murano glass from Europe. Cyan Design's enormous lighting collection covers almost every stylistic category and price point in decorative lighting. From Bohemian crystal to rustic iron to decadent alabaster to European contemporary to Murano glass, Cyan Design is now the comprehensive interior design source for every home decor and lighting need.


    Many factors combine to make the Stiffel Difference: integrity of design, hand craftsmanship and use of the finest materials. Made in the USA, every Stiffel lamp is an original, created by talented designers and skilled artisans. A Stiffel lamp has a rare quality that transcends the strictly utilitarian and goes beyond the merely decorative. The purchase of a Stiffel lamp is one of the finest investments you could make for your home. Of course, there is the obvious beauty and form of the piece, but that is just the beginning. A Stiffel lamp is that exceptional creation born of a perfect balance between inspiration, design and integrity. A Stiffel lamp is a work of art. To truly appreciate the beauty of a Stiffel lamp, one must take in each detail and consider the hours of expert craftsmanship that created it: the design, the carving, the finish. A close study reveals the distinguishing value of of a Stiffel lamp. It takes dozens of precise steps to achieve this beauty that, in the end, satisfies the tastes and aesthetics of even the most discriminating.


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    1. DeHaro Table Lamp 5572

      DeHaro Table Lamp 5572

      $380.00 Save $76.00! Regularly $456.00

      Out of stock

    2. Small Big Dipper Table Lamp 5900

      Small Big Dipper Table Lamp 5900

      $297.50 Save $59.50! Regularly $357.00

      Out of stock

    3. Carmel Table Lamp 4380

      Carmel Table Lamp 4380

      $322.50 Save $64.50! Regularly $387.00

      Out of stock

    4. Hyde Table Lamp 5575

      Hyde Table Lamp 5575

      $432.50 Save $86.50! Regularly $519.00

      Out of stock

    5. Burnish Table Lamp 4123

      Burnish Table Lamp 4123

      $257.50 Save $51.50! Regularly $309.00

      Out of stock

    6. Six Lamp Chandelier 6509-6-00

      Six Lamp Chandelier 6509-6-00

      $1,057.50 Save $211.50! Regularly $1,269.00

    7. Twelve Lamp Chandelier 6406-12-93

      Twelve Lamp Chandelier 6406-12-93

      $4,972.50 Save $994.50! Regularly $5,967.00

    8. Floor Lamp FL-6725-6717C-ATS

      Floor Lamp FL-6725-6717C-ATS

      $327.80 Save $65.56! Regularly $393.36

    9. Six Lamp Chandelier 6513-6-43

      Six Lamp Chandelier 6513-6-43

      $517.50 Save $103.50! Regularly $621.00

    10. Three Lamp Vanity 531-3-58

      Three Lamp Vanity 531-3-58

      $962.50 Save $192.50! Regularly $1,155.00


    1610 Item(s)

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