Feiss Lighting

    Feiss (formerly Murray Feiss) has been the foremost American designer of fine lighting for over 50 years. Feiss lighting products range from lamps to bathroom lights. Whether your desire is to create a dramatic entry with a dazzling chandelier, a warm environment for your dining room, living room, family room or bedrooms, or bright airy freshness to your kitchen or bath, Feiss lighting has a collection for you. As the exclusive manufacturer for Bob Mackie Home Designs, Feiss has delivered on the promise of exquisite taste in design and has backed it with the stellar service. So, you may know them as Murray Feiss Lighting, but today they’re simply Feiss.

    Cyan Designs

    The Cyan Design decorative lighting collection features an array of fixtures available in an eclectic mix of styles, including classical lighting, modern design, Old World fixtures, transitional lighting and more; with a large assortment of the fixtures bearing the distinguished marks of contemporary European design. Cyan Design also scoured the globe to source affordable, handcrafted lighting from the world's most talented lighting artisans. And many of the materials include crystal, alabaster and Murano glass from Europe. Cyan Design's enormous lighting collection covers almost every stylistic category and price point in decorative lighting. From Bohemian crystal to rustic iron to decadent alabaster to European contemporary to Murano glass, Cyan Design is now the comprehensive interior design source for every home decor and lighting need.


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    1. DeHaro Table Lamp 5572

      DeHaro Table Lamp 5572

      $380.00 Save $76.00! Regularly $456.00

      Out of stock

    2. Carmel Table Lamp 4380

      Carmel Table Lamp 4380

      $322.50 Save $64.50! Regularly $387.00

      Out of stock

    3. 6- Light Chandelier F2733/6IC

      6- Light Chandelier F2733/6IC

      6 Bulb Ivory Crackle Chandelier F2733/6IC Learn More
      $385.00 Save $192.50! Regularly $577.50

    4. 4 - Light Large Pendant F2786/4PRBZ

      4 - Light Large Pendant F2786/4PRBZ

      4 Bulb Prescott Bronze Chandelier F2786/4PRBZ Learn More
      $319.00 Save $159.50! Regularly $478.50

    5. 3- Light Wall Lantern OL5603WAL

      3- Light Wall Lantern OL5603WAL

      3 Bulb Walnut Outdoor OL5603WAL Learn More
      $352.00 Save $176.00! Regularly $528.00

    6. Mirror MR1157ES

      Mirror MR1157ES

      Espresso Mirror MR1157ES Learn More
      $379.00 Save $189.50! Regularly $568.50

    7. 9 - Light Multi Tier Chandelier F2774/6+3BS

      9 - Light Multi Tier Chandelier F2774/6+3BS

      9 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2774/6+3BS Learn More
      $356.00 Save $178.00! Regularly $534.00

    8. 3- Light Single Tier Chandelier F2425/3CB

      3- Light Single Tier Chandelier F2425/3CB

      3 Bulb Corinthian Bronze Chandelier F2425/3CB Learn More
      $320.00 Save $160.00! Regularly $480.00

    9. 3- Light Chandelier F2702/3BS

      3- Light Chandelier F2702/3BS

      3 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2702/3BS Learn More
      $350.00 Save $175.00! Regularly $525.00

    10. 2 - Light Vanity Strip VS34002-PORB

      2 - Light Vanity Strip VS34002-PORB

      2 Bulb Plated Oil Rubbed Bronze Vanity Strip VS34002-PORB Learn More
      $329.00 Save $164.50! Regularly $493.50


    403 Item(s)

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