Fredrick Ramond

    Fredrick Ramond Lighting is a brand of Hinkley Lighting. Under four generations of family leadership, Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing you the best in style, quality and value. We thrive on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company. If the past 90 years are any indication, it is with great pride and excitement that we set our sights on the horizon and extend our commitment to keeping your ‘Life Aglow.’

    Feiss Lighting

    Feiss (formerly Murray Feiss) has been the foremost American designer of fine lighting for over 50 years. Feiss lighting products range from lamps to bathroom lights. Whether your desire is to create a dramatic entry with a dazzling chandelier, a warm environment for your dining room, living room, family room or bedrooms, or bright airy freshness to your kitchen or bath, Feiss lighting has a collection for you. As the exclusive manufacturer for Bob Mackie Home Designs, Feiss has delivered on the promise of exquisite taste in design and has backed it with the stellar service. So, you may know them as Murray Feiss Lighting, but today they’re simply Feiss.

    Sterling Lighting

    Our award winning team of international designers and engineers are visionary in their thinking, constantly striving to uncover the styles of the future while revitalizing themes from the past. They challenge convention in the search for elements that fill emotions with feelings of nostalgia, tranquility and inspiration. With the design collaboration of our sister companies – the boundless character and exquisite details of our DIMOND lamp company to the European design influences of our ELK Lighting fixture line – all of these creative threads converge into an array of complimentary home furnishing options.


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    1. Chandelier Mime FR45604BNI

      Chandelier Mime FR45604BNI

      This elegant collection in our Brushed Nickel and French Bronze finish features a sheer translucent double hardback shade and tapered square crystal accents. Learn More
      $679.00 Save $339.50! Regularly $1,018.50

    2. 1 - Light Mini Pendant P1264BS

      1 - Light Mini Pendant P1264BS

      1 Bulb Brushed Steel Pendant P1264BS Learn More
      $66.00 Save $33.00! Regularly $99.00

    3. 1- Light Sconce WB1341BS

      1- Light Sconce WB1341BS

      1 Bulb Brushed Steel Wall WB1341BS Learn More
      $104.00 Save $52.00! Regularly $156.00

    4. 1- Light Pendant P1252DBZ

      1- Light Pendant P1252DBZ

      1 Bulb Dark Bronze Chandelier P1252DBZ Learn More
      $76.00 Save $38.00! Regularly $114.00

    5. 1- Light Mini Chandelier F1879/1BRB

      1- Light Mini Chandelier F1879/1BRB

      1 Bulb British Bronze Chandelier F1879/1BRB Learn More
      $224.00 Save $112.00! Regularly $336.00

    6. 3- Light Chandelier F2720/3BS

      3- Light Chandelier F2720/3BS

      3 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2720/3BS Learn More
      $279.00 Save $139.50! Regularly $418.50

    7. 3 - Light Semi-Flush SF311RI

      3 - Light Semi-Flush SF311RI

      3 Bulb Rustic Iron Semi-Flush Fixture SF311RI Learn More
      $740.00 Save $370.00! Regularly $1,110.00

    8. 9- Light Chandelier F2729/6+3BS

      9- Light Chandelier F2729/6+3BS

      9 Bulb Brushed Steel Chandelier F2729/6+3BS Learn More
      $559.00 Save $279.50! Regularly $838.50

    9. 3 - Light Large Pendant F2793/3BUS

      3 - Light Large Pendant F2793/3BUS

      3 Bulb Burnished Silver Chandelier F2793/3BUS Learn More
      $450.00 Save $225.00! Regularly $675.00

    10. 4- Light Indoor P1181OBZ

      4- Light Indoor P1181OBZ

      4 Bulb Oxidized Bronze Pendant P1181OBZ Learn More
      $620.00 Save $310.00! Regularly $930.00


    4553 Item(s)

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