Fredrick Ramond

    Fredrick Ramond Lighting is a brand of Hinkley Lighting. Under four generations of family leadership, Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing you the best in style, quality and value. We thrive on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company. If the past 90 years are any indication, it is with great pride and excitement that we set our sights on the horizon and extend our commitment to keeping your ‘Life Aglow.’


    A lamp or lighting fixture for us is first and foremost a functional product. “Licht machen”, to make light, is our first responsibility. Once this function is fulfilled, a beautiful form will follow, made with precious materials and dedicated workmanship. The result is perfect lighting for your home or business, accommodating and enhancing all environments, from traditional to contemporary. To clad the function of “licht machen” into a beautiful form has been taught to us by the bauhaus school of Germany and our founder Franz Holtkoetter. Since he founded the company in 1964, we have produced lighting machines using manufacturing methods that are steeped in the German Handwerkstradition—craft tradition.


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    1. Chandelier Mime FR45604BNI

      Chandelier Mime FR45604BNI

      This elegant collection in our Brushed Nickel and French Bronze finish features a sheer translucent double hardback shade and tapered square crystal accents. Learn More
      $679.00 Save $339.50! Regularly $1,018.50

    2. Sconce Calista FR40102BNI

      Sconce Calista FR40102BNI

      Calistas modern design represents a delicately deconstructed flower bouquet. The petite 3/8'arms with elongated beveled ends resemble elegant stems with captured etched opal glass at the tips. Learn More
      $139.00 Save $69.50! Regularly $208.50

    3. Chandelier Quattro FR49454BNI

      Chandelier Quattro FR49454BNI

      Quattro is masculine yet elegant with generously scaled metalwork in a Brushed Nickel finish. The rectangular captured hardback harvest shades reinforce the architectural elements of this modern collection. Learn More
      $659.00 Save $329.50! Regularly $988.50

    4. Mini-Pendant Maya FR30825BNI

      Mini-Pendant Maya FR30825BNI

      The contemporary design of the Maya collection focuses on the natural texture of hand-wrapped twine around a modern rectangular frame in Brushed Nickel. The twine's unique texture and pattern both enhance and diffuse the interior light source, while the inner glass is removable for a clean, minimal adaptation._ Available in four color options:_ Sesame, Cayenne, Peppercorn, Sea Salt. Learn More
      $199.00 Save $99.50! Regularly $298.50

    5. Chandelier Omni FR47204PNI

      Chandelier Omni FR47204PNI

      The modern, minimal style of Omni features a unique four-sided arm in a Polished Nickel finish. The tall, square etched opal glass clips into a cast fitter, creating a striking silhouette. Learn More
      $459.00 Save $229.50! Regularly $688.50

    6. Mini-Pendant Stratus FR30407PNI

      Mini-Pendant Stratus FR30407PNI

      This contemporary cord hung pendant collection features floating bent metal panels in primary colors and metallic finishes. Stratus casts light up and down while allowing a soft glow to permeate between floating layers. Learn More
      $189.00 Save $94.50! Regularly $283.50

    7. Sconce Cortina FR42003PNI

      Sconce Cortina FR42003PNI

      Cortina's lavish strands of crystal beads drape and flow outward for an opulent effect. A gleaming center ball and subtle tiered candles of Polished Nickel pair with a decorative chain for added drama. Optional Silver Chiffon pleated shades increase its luxurious feel. Learn More
      $289.00 Save $144.50! Regularly $433.50

    8. Mini-Pendant Luxe FR31557BNI

      Mini-Pendant Luxe FR31557BNI

      $259.00 Save $129.50! Regularly $388.50

    9. Chandelier Parallax FR45923BNI

      Chandelier Parallax FR45923BNI

      Parallax is a mesmerizing modern design with low profile etched opal glass counter-balanced by a large crystal ball accent. The sleek stem and arms in Polished Nickel, Vintage Bronze or Brushed Nickel add contemporary flair. Learn More
      $599.00 Save $299.50! Regularly $898.50

    10. Chandelier Method FR40756BNI

      Chandelier Method FR40756BNI

      Method's contemporary stem hung chandelier collection creates a unique balancing effect with low profile etched opal glass appearing to pierce the circular frame of either Brushed Nickel or Vintage Bronze. Learn More
      $859.00 Save $429.50! Regularly $1,288.50


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