Fredrick Ramond

    Fredrick Ramond Lighting is a brand of Hinkley Lighting. Under four generations of family leadership, Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing you the best in style, quality and value. We thrive on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company. If the past 90 years are any indication, it is with great pride and excitement that we set our sights on the horizon and extend our commitment to keeping your ‘Life Aglow.’

    Kenroy Home

    Kenroy was born in the 1950's, but our mission is to remain today's leader for all that is new in Lighting and Home Décor. Our heritage in chandeliers and then lamps, has been expanded to include fountains, mirrors and outdoor lighting. While we began inside the home, our charter has now expanded to great products for both inside and outside the home. Look to Kenroy Home for the finest in décor, performance and value. We hope that you'll review our proven best sellers and latest new offerings, and come to share in our philosophy of ALL TOGETHER BETTER. We look forward to assisting you in improving your business, your home and your enjoyment of our products.


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    1. Sesame Table Lamp 32184CG

      Sesame Table Lamp 32184CG

      A stunning glazed ceramic ring, an artful earthy finish with lots of pop, Sesame is an interior designer's dream. An oval shaped shade allows for closer wall placement. Learn More
      $136.00 Save $17.00! Regularly $153.00

    2. Accessory Desert FR88512GL

      Accessory Desert FR88512GL

      $58.00 Save $29.00! Regularly $87.00

    3. Accessory Faux Mercury FR88105GL

      Accessory Faux Mercury FR88105GL

      $44.00 Save $22.00! Regularly $66.00

    4. Accessory Slate FR88037GL

      Accessory Slate FR88037GL

      An accessory glass to the Vivo collection in a cylindrical shape, 4' in diameter and 5.5' in height, in Slate. Learn More
      $70.00 Save $35.00! Regularly $105.00

    5. Accessory Mocha FR88009GL

      Accessory Mocha FR88009GL

      $18.00 Save $9.00! Regularly $27.00

    6. Accessory Birch FR88005GL

      Accessory Birch FR88005GL

      $18.00 Save $9.00! Regularly $27.00

    7. Lavo Table Lamp 32147CG

      Lavo Table Lamp 32147CG

      A stunning blend of cool color and shine is topped by a hot, red earth tone on the Lavo lamp. No two base finishes are exactly the same in this hand-glazed ceramic vessel. Learn More
      $148.00 Save $18.50! Regularly $166.50

    8. Accessory Cherry FR88025GL

      Accessory Cherry FR88025GL

      $18.00 Save $9.00! Regularly $27.00

    9. Accessory Splash FR88021GL

      Accessory Splash FR88021GL

      $36.00 Save $18.00! Regularly $54.00

    10. Accessory Clear Seedy FR88101GL

      Accessory Clear Seedy FR88101GL

      $32.00 Save $16.00! Regularly $48.00


    16 Item(s)

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