Fredrick Ramond

    Fredrick Ramond Lighting is a brand of Hinkley Lighting. Under four generations of family leadership, Hinkley Lighting has transformed from a small outdoor lantern company to a global brand intent on bringing you the best in style, quality and value. We thrive on personal relationships, regional roots, inspiring design and a family atmosphere that is encouraged at every level of our company. If the past 90 years are any indication, it is with great pride and excitement that we set our sights on the horizon and extend our commitment to keeping your ‘Life Aglow.’

    Kichler Lighting

    Kichler Lighting offers a distinctive array of lighting solutions that reflect your individual personality, tastes and plans. We believe that lighting should exceed functionality and transform your spaces into stunning, inspiring settings. Lighting that energizes, as well as enhances your life.


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    1. Table Lamp 1Lt Portable 70334AP

      Table Lamp 1Lt Portable 70334AP

      70334AP Table Lamp 1Lt Portable Learn More
      $165.00 Save $60.00! Regularly $225.00

    2. Bath 4Lt 45361BPT

      Bath 4Lt 45361BPT

      45361BPT Bath 4Lt Learn More
      $231.00 Save $84.00! Regularly $315.00

    3. Mini Pendant 1Lt 42068AP

      Mini Pendant 1Lt 42068AP

      42068AP Mini Pendant 1Lt Learn More
      $88.00 Save $32.00! Regularly $120.00

    4. Inverted Pendant 5Lt 3279AP

      Inverted Pendant 5Lt 3279AP

      3279AP Inverted Pendant 5Lt Learn More
      $767.80 Save $279.20! Regularly $1,047.00

    5. 52 Inch Corinth Fan 300161AP

      52 Inch Corinth Fan 300161AP

      300161AP 52 Inch Corinth Fan Learn More
      $358.20 Save $238.80! Regularly $597.00

    6. Mini Pendant 1Lt 42949AP

      Mini Pendant 1Lt 42949AP

      $118.80 Save $43.20! Regularly $162.00

    7. Chandelier 8Lt 42772AP

      Chandelier 8Lt 42772AP

      42772AP Chandelier 8Lt Learn More
      $188.80 Save $696.20! Regularly $885.00

    8. Chandelier 4Lt 42713CLP

      Chandelier 4Lt 42713CLP

      42713CLP Chandelier 4 Lt Learn More
      $220.80 Save $814.20! Regularly $1,035.00

    9. Chandelier 3Lt 42556BPT

      Chandelier 3Lt 42556BPT

      42556BPT Chandelier 3Lt Learn More
      $272.80 Save $99.20! Regularly $372.00

    10. Bath 4Lt 45067AP

      Bath 4Lt 45067AP

      45067AP Bath 4Lt Learn More
      $204.60 Save $74.40! Regularly $279.00


    290 Item(s)

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