Feiss Lighting

    Feiss (formerly Murray Feiss) has been the foremost American designer of fine lighting for over 50 years. Feiss lighting products range from lamps to bathroom lights. Whether your desire is to create a dramatic entry with a dazzling chandelier, a warm environment for your dining room, living room, family room or bedrooms, or bright airy freshness to your kitchen or bath, Feiss lighting has a collection for you. As the exclusive manufacturer for Bob Mackie Home Designs, Feiss has delivered on the promise of exquisite taste in design and has backed it with the stellar service. So, you may know them as Murray Feiss Lighting, but today they’re simply Feiss.

    Cornerstone by Elk Lighting

    The Cornerstone brand is based on a core group of exclusive new products specifically targeting the mid market buyer as well as the construction professional with the goal of having an affordable whole house option to meet a variety of tastes. To achieve this, Cornerstone designers developed the fixtures to coordinate among the collections while also being distinctive in their own right. To do this we offer a limited number of finish options with standardized glass creating the ability to mix and match between collections, providing the buyer with greater options and flexibility.


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    1. 1- Light Sconce WB1341BS

      1- Light Sconce WB1341BS

      1 Bulb Brushed Steel Wall WB1341BS Learn More
      $104.00 Save $52.00! Regularly $156.00

    2. 3- Light Wall/Bath Light WB1218BRB

      3- Light Wall/Bath Light WB1218BRB

      3 Bulb British Bronze Wall WB1218BRB Learn More
      $206.00 Save $103.00! Regularly $309.00

    3. 1- Light Sconce WB1492FSV

      1- Light Sconce WB1492FSV

      1 Bulb Firenze Silver Wall WB1492FSV Learn More
      $74.00 Save $37.00! Regularly $111.00

    4. 1- Light Wall Bracket WB1531MBZ

      1- Light Wall Bracket WB1531MBZ

      1 Bulb Mocha Bronze Wall WB1531MBZ Learn More
      $94.00 Save $47.00! Regularly $141.00

    5. 1- Light Wall/Bath Light WB1220ORB

      1- Light Wall/Bath Light WB1220ORB

      1 Bulb Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall WB1220ORB Learn More
      $126.00 Save $63.00! Regularly $189.00

    6. 1- Light Sconce WB1446HTBZ/PGD

      1- Light Sconce WB1446HTBZ/PGD

      1 Bulb Heritage Bronze/Parissiene Gold Wall WB1446HTBZ/PGD Learn More
      $196.00 Save $98.00! Regularly $294.00

    7. 1- Light Sconce WB1332ATS

      1- Light Sconce WB1332ATS

      1 Bulb Aged Tortoise Shell Wall WB1332ATS Learn More
      $168.00 Save $84.00! Regularly $252.00

    8. 1- Light Wall Bracket WB1585BUS

      1- Light Wall Bracket WB1585BUS

      1 Bulb Burnished Silver Wall Bracket WB1585BUS Learn More
      $150.00 Save $75.00! Regularly $225.00

    9. 1 - Light Aura Sconce WB1593RUS

      1 - Light Aura Sconce WB1593RUS

      1 Bulb Rustic Silver Wall Bracket WB1593RUS Learn More
      $142.00 Save $71.00! Regularly $213.00

    10. 1- Light Sconce WB1482ORB

      1- Light Sconce WB1482ORB

      1 Bulb Oil Rubbed Bronze Wall WB1482ORB Learn More
      $110.00 Save $55.00! Regularly $165.00


    135 Item(s)

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