At Quoizel, we create more than lighting and home accessories. We create timeless pieces designed with you in mind. We do this by avoiding trends and fads, by balancing form and function and by making our choices thoughtfully. This kind of dedication, integrity and quality not only goes into the design of our products, but it’s in the way we do business as well. It’s why we’ve grown from a small company to become one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of fine decorative lighting and home accessories. We are Quoizel, and it is our promise to help bring timeless design into your home, while building lasting relationships along the way.

    Sterling Lighting

    Our award winning team of international designers and engineers are visionary in their thinking, constantly striving to uncover the styles of the future while revitalizing themes from the past. They challenge convention in the search for elements that fill emotions with feelings of nostalgia, tranquility and inspiration. With the design collaboration of our sister companies – the boundless character and exquisite details of our DIMOND lamp company to the European design influences of our ELK Lighting fixture line – all of these creative threads converge into an array of complimentary home furnishing options.



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    1. Duchess Wall Fixture DH8801AN

      Duchess Wall Fixture DH8801AN

      Indulge in classic European elegance for your home with this refined design fit for royalty. The hand-forged iron is twisted into graceful curves, while the trumpeted shades celebrate the beauty of light with their warm gradation of color. Learn More
      $109.99 Save $11.01! Regularly $121.00

    2. Millennium Wall Fixture LSM8801PS

      Millennium Wall Fixture LSM8801PS

      Reflect your personal sense of style within your home with this simple and clean lighting fixture. The soft modern form reflects pure elegance and sophistication, and it walks the fine line between traditional and modern styles. It is designed and crafted with the utmost care. Other coordinating fixtures are available. Learn More
      $129.99 Save $13.01! Regularly $143.00

    3. Classic Craftsman Wall Fixture TFCC8802

      Classic Craftsman Wall Fixture TFCC8802

      Arts and Crafts is an enduring style that honors the tradition of fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. The piece pays homage to this timeless style, which is typified by straight lines forming squares and rectangles, along with the use of natural materials. Learn More
      $152.99 Save $34.01! Regularly $187.00

    4. Uptown Theater Row Wall Fixture UPTR8701IS

      Uptown Theater Row Wall Fixture UPTR8701IS

      Theater Row pays homage to Thomas Edison with a vintage-inspired filament bulb that is not only nostalgic but also very trendy. It is a perfect circle but tooled in an elegant way unlike any other item on the market. With the exposed bulbs and a choice of two finishes, imperial silver and western bronze, Theater Row brings old New York elegance to lighting. Learn More
      $159.99 Save $16.01! Regularly $176.00

    5. Uptown Sutton Place Wall Fixture UPSP8701IS

      Uptown Sutton Place Wall Fixture UPSP8701IS

      Sutton Place is a tony address for some of the wealthiest residents of New York. Optic glass accents and milano fabric shades compliment the imperial silver finish. This collection is fittingly discrete, elegant and quite sophisticated. Learn More
      $169.99 Save $17.01! Regularly $187.00

    6. Voyager Wall Fixture VYR8702ML

      Voyager Wall Fixture VYR8702ML

      $129.99 Save $26.00! Regularly $155.99

    7. Palmer Wall Fixture PLR8701PN

      Palmer Wall Fixture PLR8701PN

      $109.99 Save $10.00! Regularly $119.99

    8. Irwell Wall Fixture IWL8701WT

      Irwell Wall Fixture IWL8701WT

      $139.99 Save $4.00! Regularly $143.99

    9. Uptown Bowery Wall Fixture UPBY8701WT

      Uptown Bowery Wall Fixture UPBY8701WT

      $149.99 Save $15.01! Regularly $165.00

    10. Pier Wall Fixture PIE8701PN

      Pier Wall Fixture PIE8701PN

      $149.99 Save $18.00! Regularly $167.99


    71 Item(s)

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